Working with Children

It is now a legal requirement that all employed and volunteer persons working with children in NSW must hold a valid Working with Children Check Number and provide that number to the club, before they can commence working in a volunteer position with children (under 18).

Follow these steps to apply for a WWC Check and receive a WWC number: 

Step 1: Apply for a Working with Children Check by completing the on-line application form: Visit to access the application form and information. 

Step 2: Once you apply you will receive an Application (APP) number by email from the Office of the Children’s Guardian. 

Step 3: Attend your nearest Service NSW (formally RTA) and provide them: 1. Your App Number 2. Proof of identification 

Step 4: The Service NSW will issue a receipt and within 1-2 weeks you will receive an email from the Office of the Children’s Guardian containing a letter with your WWC Number. 

Step 5: Provide your WWC Number to Kellie Formosa-MPIO as soon as you receive it. 

NOTE :A WWC Number is valid for 5 years and can be used in any capacity when working as a volunteer with children within the club and other organisations.  

You must keep a record of your WWC number. 

This MUST be completed and sent to me ASAP.

You must provide a scan/copy of you driver's license and WWC number, to the above listed email address. 

WWC new policy -2018

Please click link below to read up on the the policies for 2018.